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NGI CZ:DIRAC for Auger

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DIRAC for Auger

We have chosen interware as a base underlying software for distributed computing.

How to start

Users can install DIRAC client on their local computer. Instructions are on web site

Another possibility suitable mostly for test job submission, job monitoring and accounting is to connect to the Grille DIRAC web server.

Command line interface is also available on Example of a session:

# initialisation
source /home/chudoba/dirac/bashrc
dirac-proxy-init -g auger_user -M 

# job submission
dirac-wms-job-submit auger_basic_test_cesnet.jdl 
JobID = 29086015

# job status query
dirac-wms-job-status 29086015
JobID=29086015 Status=Done; MinorStatus=Execution Complete;;

# output download
dirac-wms-job-get-output -D out 29086015

The JDL file is simillar to gLite JDL files. Only syntax to specify a concrete site via requirements is different. An example for the CESNET site

[chudoba@ui1 dirac]$ cat auger_basic_test_cesnet.jdl
Executable = "/bin/sh";
StdOutput = "auger_basic_test.out";
StdError = "auger_basic_test.err";
InputSandbox = {""};
OutputSandbox = {"auger_basic_test.err","auger_basic_test.out"};
RetryCount = 3;
VirtualOrganisation = "auger";
Arguments = " 1";

Site = {};