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CVMFS for the VO auger

Historical introduction (can be skipped by impatient readers)

CVMFS is a distribution tool for software (and other relatively small files). It started to be used by LHC experiments, several other projects deployed it later, all with very good experience. LHC projects use master repository called stratum-0 based at CERN. The master repository for some other projects is hosted by RAL and is decribed at GRIDPP wiki page. VO auger is not supported by RAL site and we started a CVMFS repository hosted by OSG. RAL site can replicate the master repository and distribute it via the same stratum-1's as for other nonLHC VOs. However the path would change from /cvmfs/opensciencegrid/ to /cvmfs/ and the non-relocatable auger offline software would not work.

Setup for the VO auger

A new solution was discussed during EGI Communnity Forum 2014 at Helsinki and shortly after it adopted. A new stratum-0 with a base name is hosted by RAL. VO auger software manager (currently not defined by the VOMS role, but by explicitly given list of DNs) can upload software to a repository server. Than a manual step by RAL CVMFS master Catalin Condurache is taken to copy the content to the stratum-0. Clients see the software in the path /cvmfs/

We thank to the EGI CVMFS task force and RAL for their support. Catalin Condurache was the key person for CVMFS support for nonLHC VOs.

--Chudoba 16:51, 11 July 2014 (CEST)Jiri Chudoba