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| lcg-* commands do not work with IPv6  
| lcg-* commands do not work with IPv6  
| StoRM
| 1.11.2
| UMD3.2.1 
! align="centre" style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% Green;" | YES

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The following tables collects the products tested so far during the UMD software provisioning process.

Product name Version Released in UMD update # IPv6 support Comments GGUS ticket
CREAM 1.16.2 UMD3.0.0 UMD2.0.0 YES
DPM 3.0.3 UMD3.0.0 UMD2.0.0 YES
BDII 1.1.3 UMD3.0.0 UMD2.0.0 YES
LFC 1.8.7 UMD3.0.0 UMD2.0.0 YES
UI 3.5.2-1 UMD3.x UMD2.x PARTIAL lcg-* commands do not work with IPv6
StoRM 1.11.2 UMD3.2.1 YES

Additional wiki page with the tests performed for the operations tools by JRA1.