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This wiki collects all the information concerning Middleware supported in EGI.

UMD3 and UMD4 (main middleware distribution)

Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) is the integrated set of software components contributed by Technology Providers and packaged for deployment as production quality services in EGI.

UMD4 is the current supported UMD distribution. It supports CentOS7, SL6. Also Ubuntu 16 (Xenial) will be supported in the future, if Technology Providers require that.

UMD3 will still receive security or critical updates for SL6. UMD3/SL5 and UMD3/Debian are not supported anymore.

With UMD4/CentOS7 yaim is not supported anymore as a tool to configure the distributed middleware. Instead, every product will follow its documented procedure to install, configure, test the product.

So for each product, UMD users will point to the product-specific documentation, which will provide puppet recipes, or ansible recipes, or custom scripts or even step-by-step guides (this last is true especially with very simply configurated products). Even yaim can be used as a configuration tool, and indeed you will find it distributed in the upcoming UMD4.4, but this will mean that some team (in this case the VOBOX) is using yaim to configure their products.

The UMD3/SL6 and UMD4/SL6: the latter is a mirror of the former excluding products that are reaching or already reached end of life. If you want to install a UI, you can use both, but we advice to use UMD4/SL6.Of course dedicated documentation will be provided with the release in CentOS7.

CMD-OS and CMD-ONE (cloud middleware)

The Cloud Middleware Distribution (CMD) distributes OpenStack and OpenNebula integration components developed by Cloud Technology Providers to Resource Centres (i.e. cloud sites).

Two different distribution are available, CMD-OS for OpenStack and CMD-ONE for OpenNebula. For further details, please have a look at the Cloud Middleware Distribution wiki.

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Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release schedule the planned release schedule for UMD major and minor releases
Release and deployment process describes the EGI process to deploy new versions of deployed software and operational tools into the EGI production infrastructure
Middleware and Tool Requirements existing requirements, how to submit requirements
Cloud Middleware Distribution details on the CMD release cycle(still proposal)

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