Marine metagenomics

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ELIXIR CC Use case candidate:


EXCELERATE WP6: Sustainable metagenomics infrastructure to enhance research and industrial innovation within the marine domain


  • Rob Finn EBI
  • Lars Bongo ELIXIR NO (technical issues)


Home page

Resource requirements

Computing requirements

  • 16 medium Vms, 1 small VM for the cluster front end, and 3 small VMs for other functions
  • vcpu: 16*8 + (1+3)*4 = 144
  • ram: 16*30.720 + (1+3)*15.360 = ~553 GB

Storage requirements

  • Hadoop Distributed File System or object storage: 16*450 + (1+3)*230 = 8120GB (we already have 9.8TB)

Software requirements Apache Spark + application progarams

Networking requirements

  • floating IPs: 20
  • file transfer service

Authentication requirements

  • Would like to use Elixir AAI

Other requirements

  • Main issue will be configuring the META-pile to work in the selected cloud environment.
  • How will the resources be applied and granted in EGI FedCloud?

Materials and documents

Other issues