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Welcome to the wiki

This wiki is available for the EGI community.

Write access is restricted - only users with account in the Single Sign On system can log in.

Write access for certain namespaces is limited to specific groups, see Community Portal. Some of the NGIs within EGI are also using this wiki.

Operations and user support

Enter the operations wiki space for documentation, procedures, and more information on EGI Operations.

Quick links:

User Community

Enter the user community wiki space for documentation, procedures and more information on EGI User Community.


Technical Outreach to New Communities

Enter the Technical Outreach space for documentations, procedures and more information on the outreach to New Communities.


Strategic Planning and Policy

Strategy and Policy Team and Resources


Photo Library

A central store of material gathered at EGI-related events (please check copyright restrictions before public use and store information about the images as far as possible):