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Welcome to the EGI wiki

This wiki is maintained by the EGI community.

Write access is restricted - only users with account in the Single Sign On system can log in.

Write access for certain namespaces is limited to specific groups, see Community Portal. Some of the NGIs within EGI are also using this wiki.

To get write access please contact operations @

About EGI

User engagement and support

The EGI Engagement activity reaches out to scientific communities and researchers within academia and industry and supports them in tackling scientific challenges using the reliable and innovative ICT services and solutions offered by the EGI community. Successful engagement requires coordinated outreach, marketing, training and support activities across the whole EGI network. Find information in this section about the teams and key resources that contribute to EGI Engagement, as well as about the ongoing engagement cases.

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Enter the Operations space for documentation, procedures, and more information on EGI Operations.

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The EGI Technology wiki expands on all aspects of technology, infrastructure, system architecture, governance and roadmaps within EGI.


Strategic Planning and Policy

Strategy and Policy Team and Resources





EC Projects

Ongoing European projects hosted by the EGI wiki:


EGI Activity groups

Groups description