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Mailing list administration

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This page is intended for administrators of mailing lists.

Mailing lists are managed by software called Mailman, which runs on the machine The software provides a web interface. A public list of mailing lists is available online.

New list

A new list must be set up by the site administrators, which can be contacted on the address

Please provide the following information:

  • list name, i.e.
  • short list description that will be visible at whether the list will be SSO-managed or not, SSO-managed lists have its admins and members synchronised with SSO group owners and members
  • list admins - for SSO-managed their SSO usernames, for non-SSO list their email addresses

List administrators

EGI mailing lists are usually managed by EGI SSO, with some exceptions for lists that include members without SSO accounts.

List administrators of every SSO-managed list are set to the owners of the corresponding EGI SSO group when a new list is created. Thus a change to the list of list administrators through the Mailman interface will not be permanent. Only IT support can change who are the owners of an SSO group, so contact if you want to add a new list administrator.

Each list can be administered over the web interface by following its link from the page Admin links. You can use your EGI SSO password to access the administration pages of the lists for which you are the administrator.

List members

Members of lists are synchronized on each full hour with members of same-name groups in the EGI SSO system. Changes made to list membership through the Mailman interface thus will not last more than one hour.

So managing list members must be done by managing members of corresponding groups in EGI SSO. Log into your EGI SSO account, and you will see a list of groups of which you are the owner. Click on the "»manage" link, it will display a page where you can

  • remove members from the group
  • add existing users as members of thew group
  • invite new users to the group

If you manage more then one list, and you need to add many new users to several lists at once, it may be helpful to follow the link titled "»Create new users in groups". It directs to a page where you can enter many addresses at once, and specify the groups to which they should be added. Existing users will be added immediately, non-existing users will be invited to create an account and they will be assigned to the groups when they create the account.