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| OSG || Open Science Grid || http://www.opensciencegrid.org/  
| OSG || Open Science Grid || http://www.opensciencegrid.org/  
| NDGF || Nordic !DataGrid Facility || http://www.ndgf.org/  
| NDGF || Nordic DataGrid Facility || http://www.ndgf.org/  
| SCOTGRID || Scot Grid || http://www.scotgrid.ac.uk/  
| SCOTGRID || Scot Grid || http://www.scotgrid.ac.uk/  

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How to publish Site information

Document link https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/MAN1_How_to_publish_Site_Information
Last review 07 October 2011 (UTC)
Policy Group Acronym OMB
Policy Group Name Operations Management Board
Contact Person S. Traylen, P. Solagna
Document Status APPROVED
Approved Date --
Procedure Statement This manual provides information on how to correctly publish site information in the Information Discovery System.

GlueSite Object

These are the existing well established attributes in the GlueSite object. All of these MUST remain.

Attribute Example Schema Notes
GlueSiteName RAL-LCG2 Free Text, No White Space Same as GOCDB name if in GOCDB, your choice.
GlueSiteUniqueID RAL-LCG2 Identical to your !GlueSiteName Same as GlueSiteName
GlueSiteWeb `http://cern.ch/it` Free Text Valid URL about the site.
GlueSiteLatitude 52.42 NN.NN Site Latitute.
GlueSiteLongitude 16.91 NN.NN Longitude of Site.
GlueSiteDescription Rutherford Lab Free Text A long name for the site.
GlueSiteLocation Dublin, Ireland Town, City, Country An decreasing resolution ending with Country, agree a country name within a country. i.e UK != United Kingdom. Scotland and the Balkans should write a dynamic provider.
!GlueSiteUserSupportContact `mailto:helpdesk@example.org` Valid URL URL for getting support. A ticket system if available.
!GlueSiteSysAdminContact `xmpp://admins@jabber.org` Valid URL How to contact the admins.
!GlueSiteSecurityContact `mailto:security@example.org` Valid URL How to contact for security related matters.

The GlueSite object in the 1.3 Glue Schema contains an attribute GlueSiteOtherInfo. To quote.

 The attribute is to be used to publish data that does not fit any other attribute of the site entity.
 A name=value pair or an XML structure are example[s] of usage.

All this extra configuration will be with in the static information for the glue site within the Grid Information Provider system.

Guidelines for GlueSite Object

A format for publishing useful information about sites within the !GlueSiteOtherInfo is needed, as shown in the following table.

Key Example Type Notes
GRID EGI [#validgrid List of valid grid names] Multiple ones can be defined.
WLCG_TIER 1 Tier level of site in WLCG context. Either 0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
WLCG_PARENT UK-T1-RAL Name of the higher (administrative) tier site in WLCG The WLCG_NAME of the site at a higher tier with WLCG
WLCG_NAME IT-ATLAS-federation [#lcgnames Valid WLCG Names] An official WLCG name.
WLCG_NAMEICON `http://example.org/tier2.png` Valid URL URL to WLCGNAME icon, ideally 80x80 pixels.
EGEE_ROC Russia Valid federated Operations Centre name Only applicable if your site is still part of a federated Operations Centre ("ROC" according to the old EGEE terminology). Name MUST match the Operations Centre name declared in GOCDB. Note. If the site is now part of a NGI, then EGI_NGI MUST be used (see below).
EGI_NGI NGI_CZ Valid NGI Must agree with the GOC DB
EGEE_SERVICE prod prod, pps or cert Which EGEE grid your site is part of, multiple attributes is okay.
OLDNAME Bristol text If your !GlueSiteName changes at some point please record your old name here.
ICON `http://example.org/icon.png` Valid URL Icon Image for your site, ideally 80x80 pixels
BLOG `http://scotgrid.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default` Valid RSS or Atom Feed Your site blog if you have one

Note. Keywords starting with one of the grid names are to some extent reserved for that grid.


GlueSiteName: RAL-LCG2
GlueSiteOtherInfo: BLOG=http://www.gridpp.rl.ac.uk/blog/feed
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_ROC=UK/I
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_SERVICE=prod
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=EGI
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=GRIDPP
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=WLCG
GlueSiteOtherInfo: ICON=http://planet.gridpp.ac.uk/images/tierOneSmall.png
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_TIER=1

Distributed Tier1s and Tier2s

Within an WLCG context for instance there are instances of distributed Tier2s and Tier1s. If separate component sites want to exist as a single WLCG tier then they might contain common values for their WLCGNAME.

GlueSiteName: CSCS-LCG2
GlueSiteOtherInfo: CONFIG=yaim
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_SERVICE=prod
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGI_NGI=NGI_CH
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=EGI
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=WLCG
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_PARENT=FZK-T1
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_TIER=2

Note that when a WLCGPARENT is a accounting unit from the MOU document http://gridops.cern.ch/mou/

Established Grid Name

Short Name Long Name URL
EGI European Grid Initiative http://www.egi.eu
EELA Europe and Latin America http://www.eu-eela.eu/
WLCG World LHC Computing Grid http://cern.ch/lcg
UKNGS National UK Grid Service http://www.ngs.ac.uk
OSG Open Science Grid http://www.opensciencegrid.org/
NDGF Nordic DataGrid Facility http://www.ndgf.org/
SCOTGRID Scot Grid http://www.scotgrid.ac.uk/

Important: The EGEE Grid name was decomissioned on 14-02-2011. All sites need to replace this grid name with EGI.

Being part of a grid is just a reference that your site is in some way associated with a particular Resource Infrastructure Provider either technically or as part of a collaboration. The list of Grids can be extended. Please contact operations at egi.eu to request changes.

Valid WLCG Names

The WLCG names are the site names that appear within the LCG MOU concerning commitments to LHC computing.

WLCG Name Current GlueSiteName
ES-PIC pic

For the tier two names please consult http://gridops.cern.ch/mou/ The column marked Accounting Name are the WLCG Names which in the case of Tier2s are the federation names. Use your federation name as your WLCG_NAME.

Also some tier2s live under more than 1 tier1 perhaps for different for different VOs. If your tier2 has more that one WLCG_PARENT then just add two distinct records to show this. Also some tier2s do not have a WLCGNAME at all.

GlueSiteUniqueId: EENet
GlueSiteName: EENet
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=WLCG
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=EGEE
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_SERVICE=prod
GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_ROC=Northern
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_TIER=2
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_PARENT=UK-T1-RAL
GlueSiteOtherInfo: WLCG_PARENT=NL-T1

Valid EGEE ROC and EGI NGI Names

The valid names are those published on GOCDB.

YAIM Instructions

YAIM will have to be updated for those sites using yaim. This will be done and submitted to sites in the normal way.

YAIM Variable and Value Resulting Glue Attribute and Value
SITE_DESC="Rutherford Lab" GlueSiteDescription: Rutherford Lab
SITE_EMAIL= steve@example.org GlueSiteSysAdminContact: mailto:steve@example.org
SITE_SUPPORT_EMAIL= steve@example.org GlueSiteUserSupportContact: mailto:steve@example.org
SITE_SECURITY_EMAIL= steve@example.org GlueSiteSecurityContact: mailto:steve@example.org
SITE_LOC="Soho, London, United Kingdom" GlueSiteLocation: Soho, London, United Kingdom
SITE_LONG=52.45 GlueSiteLongitude: 52.45
SITE_LAT=-12.34 GlueSiteLatitude: -12.34
SITE_WEB="http://example.org/" GlueSiteWeb: http://example.org/
GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=WLCG
SITE_OTHER_<KEY>="<VALUE1>|<VALUE2>|<VALUE3>" GlueSiteOtherInfo: <KEY>=<VALUE1>GlueSiteOtherInfo: <KEY>=<VALUE2>
GlueSiteOtherInfo <KEY>=<VALUE3>

If multiple values for GlueSiteOtherInfo are needed, then just delimit your values with a |. The charater | must be avoided in values.

Check your own GlueSite Object

The information published can be checked through an ldap search:

    $ ldapsearch -x -H ldap://YourSiteBdii.example.org:2170 \
    -b 'Mds-Vo-Name=<SiteName>,o=Grid'  '(ObjectClass=GlueSite)'

In addition, GStat2 is a tool which provides a GUI for different views of published information, including a LDAP view:

Revision history

14-02-2011: decomissioning of EGEE Grid name. 07-10-2011: replacement of ROC with federated Operations Centre.

In case of problems please send a GGUS ticket to the attention of the Operations Support Unit.