Long-tail of science pilot User story

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User Story for 1st phase LToS

User Step 1: User Login/Register into Portal

1. The entry page of Portal:

  • Basic info about EGI offer
  • Info about similar national options for access
  • Encouragement to register
  • Login and Register option easy visible

2. Login option include:

  • EduGain,
  • X509 certificate
  • open accounts (google, facebook)

3. Registration requirements:

  • Required fields: Full name, country, validated email address
  • Optional fields: ResearchGate profile, LinkedIn profile, ...
  • Acceptance of General Usage Policy (is this the same as LTOS VO AUP?)
  • At this stage account is created instantly (without any verification)

4. Result: Account in the portal is created

Note: Options available for verified user are visible but might be nonactive, however completing the scenario including sending request for resources is possible without waiting for verification.

User Step 2: User adds his/her affiliation

Valid and verified affiliation is needed for having acces to resources.

1. Adding affiliation, forms:

  • Country/NGI
  • (option) Related site (????)
  • (option) for non-staff, supervisor name and e-mail
  • Institution (including department)
  • Address (????)
  • Web-page of the institution (with list of Staff)

After sending the form affiliation is visible but marked as "pending"

  • More than one affiliation might be possible.
  • Operator is notified about the request.

Operator Step 2.1: Affiliation is verified

  • Operation Staff is confirming or not affiliation added
  • In case of problems/additional information - communication via user e-mail
  • E-mail notification to user about decision taken is sent
  • Included the date for how long the affiliation is valid
  • Statuses for affiliation: "pending" --> "confirmed","declined" --> "outdated", "canceled"

User Step 3: User requests initial resources/services

2. User can request allocation with default (seed resources) via simplified form in e-GRANT

  • Form for requesting resources:
    • Research topic (describe, max. 1500chars)
    • Max computing time
    • Max. storage space
    • Dates from .. to...
  • Special, central pool for EGI-seed resource
  • In request: describe what he/she is doing
  • Allow for more than one request

  • User should describe in request what he/she will be doing

2. Verified affilaition of the user is required to obtain access to resources

User Step 4: Use resources)

User has a links to Science Gateways and (possibly) other option to use resources.

Extensions for 2nd prototype

Step 4: User is using services

1. Portal display summary of the used rsources or may provide direct link to the view in Accounting Portal

2. Access is blocked when initial allocation is over

  • Notification and encouragement to full resources request

Step 5: User uses feedback form

1. Interface encourage to write to EGI and express his/her needs

Step 6: User report results supported by EGI

1. User uses form to report result supported by EGI (it is his/her obligation):

  • Scientific paper
  • Project that is using EGI
  • ...


  • The User Registration Portal needs to generate DNs for new users, and be ready to communicate the list of user DNs to VOMS