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Welcome to EGI Interoperations,

This is an activity funded in the framework of the SA1 task TSA1.3, which takes care of the integration of EGI with European Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs). The purpose of this activity is to ensure that the operations of Resource Infrastructures based on different grid middleware stacks and/or architectures can interwork at different interface levels: monitoring, accounting, support and operations.

For all grid middlewares you can find a Task force, a unit established to work on a single defined task - integration of given middleware with EGI.


M. Krakowian/

Milestones describing integration activity results and plans:

Integration areas 

Integration covers following areas:

  1. Management - integration with Grid Configuration Database [GOCDB] (
    • e.g. creation of a service type
  2. Monitoring - integration with Service Availability Monitoring [SAM]
    • development of monitoring probes
    • integration of probes into SAM release
    • integration of probes with Ava/Rel profile
  3. Accounting - integration with EGI Accounting Infrastructure
    • enabling all the accounting data to be collected in one place for a unified view
  4. Support - integration with EGI Helpdesk [GGUS] (
    • creation of support unit and using it to provide support
  5. Dashboard - integration with Operations Portal (
    • integration of probes into Operations Tests pool
  6. Documentation - integration with existing operations procedures
    • integration with Resource Center OLA
    • integration with Resource Center registration and certyfication procedure
      • creation of how to manually test the middleware
  7. Information System - integration with EGI Information system

Middleware integration

Management Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed
Monitoring Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed
Accounting Completed In progress

In progress



Support Completed Completed Completed Completed


Dashboard Completed Completed Completed Completed 


Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed
Information System Completed In progress

In progress

Completed In progress

UNICORE Integration

Globus Integration

MAPPER/QCG Middleware

E-Infrastructure integration

Cloud Desktop Grid
Management tbd - GOC DB 5? no plans tbd tbd - GOC DB 5?
Completed Completed
Monitoring no plans Monitoring results are populated to EGI central database. tbd Investigation to use VO SAM instance as solution In progress

It was accepted that data would only be passed for requesting VOs.

Data is only passed from OSG to APEL for an agreed set of VOs.
Future work is needed in terms of SSM 2
migration and is planned for year four.
in progress
no plans
In progress
In progress
Support no plans

The support infrastructure is fully synchronized

since 2006 with the OSG Footprints system.

in progress
In progress
In progress
Dashboard no plans no plans tbd no plans
Not started

Not started

no plans no plans tbd no plans
In progress
In progress
Information System no plans Completed
tbd tbd
In progress
In progress


Details about integration XSEDE and EGI project are documented on EGI-XSEDE:Collaboration wiki page.

EGI Federated Cloud

EGI Federated Cloud integration page with current detailed integration status

Desktop Grids


Interoperations :

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Globus mailing list:

Mapper/QCG mailing list: