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Integrating Reference Datasets Members

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Individual Contributors

Name Affiliation Role
Marios Chatziangelou IASA/GR Developer and team leader for EGI the Applications Database
William Karageorgos IASA/GR Developer of the EGI Applications Database
Alexander Nakos IASA/GR Developer of the EGI Applications Database
Sotiris Sotiropoulos IASA/GR Developer of the EGI Applications Database
Petros Eskioglou IASA/GR Developer of the EGI Applications Database
Afonso Duarte ITQB/PT EGI Research Champion, Life sciences
Fotis E. Psomopoulos AUTH/GR EGI Research Champion, Life sciences
Giacinto Donvito INFN Bari/IT Italian Grid Initiative
Lukasz Dutka CYFRONET/PL PLGrid
Jona Javorsek ELIXIR-SI,JSI/PL ELIXIR-SI / NGI Slovenia
Gergely Sipos Leader of User Community Support Team
Diego Scardaci User Community Support team and Tool development manager
Rafael C. Jimenez ELIXIR Technical coordinator
Nuno Ferreira User Community Support team

Still to be worked The project is contributed by experts from: User Community Support Team and Research Champions from EGI Main contact: Resource providers from EGI Main contact: Tiziana Ferrari EGI technology developers and technology providers Main contact: Diego Scardaci ELIXIR Storage task force Main contact: Giacinto Donvito ELIXIR Service registry task force Main contact: Jon Ison

Contributing individuals are: