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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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All actions emerging from the activities relative to this project will be recorded in this wiki for management purposes.

Actions listing

Date Status Owner Task Action
2014.11.20 Closed NF General Setup project wiki, mailing list and DocDB container. Send to Task leaders b4 making it public available.
2014.11.20 Open FEP General Send email to Nicola Kay about renaming GDoc project name.
2014.11.20 New GS T1 Send email to NILS, OMB and RP managers.
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Add definitions of the Datasets
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Contact EBI re: datasets
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Email Rafael re: Elixir network and datasets
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Populate T2 list with maximum detail
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Circulate a questionairre within LS community (LSGC, BioMed VO, etc)
2014.11.20 New FEP T2 Prioritize datasets for integration process
2014.11.20 New AD T5 Populate T5 list with maximum detail based on T1 & T2 tables
2014.11.20 New AD T5 Identify questions for short survey/questionair (in combination with T1 & T2)
2014.12.11 Closed NF General Check with Sara regarding LimeSurvey access.