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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra1 2014-03-25

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1. Progress on Milestones Deliverables

  • D7.4
    • Current Status: External review just started
    • Draft Complete: 3rd of March
    • Document URL:
    • Moderator: Peter Solagna
    • Reviewers: Marcin Radecky and Goncalo Borges
  • QR15
    • JRA1 contribution sent to AMB

2. Critical Issues

  • Nothing new to report

3. Major work done during the past week by task

3.1 TJRA1.1

  • Tools roadmap review
  • D7.4: draft completed and internal review
  • Agenda for next JRA1 meeting (26 Match)
  • Planning a meeting to discuss PY5 SAM roadmap (9 April)

3.2 TJRA1.2 TJRA1.3 TJRA1.5

3.2.1 SAM

  • No report received

3.2.2 GOCDB

  • Operational support - move sites from NGI_ZA to AfricaArabia
  • IPv6 refine proposal
  • Ops support - new 'Site Monitor' role type, new service type request

3.2.3 GGUS

  • Implementation and testing of CMS integration into GGUS
  • Preparing next GGUS release
  • Testing new release on test instance
  • Preparing next AB
  • Ticket monitoring

3.2.4 Ops Portal

  • Preparation of the release
  • Meeting with ROD / COD people

3.2.5 Accounting Repository

  • No report received

3.2.6 Accounting Portal

  • Security work
  • Work on pay-per-use, VAT cost calculation
  • Continuing refactor of the code
  • Updated RT tickets on dashboard

3.2.7 Metrics Portal

  • Maintenance
  • Bug fixing
  • Server updating

3.3 TJRA1.4 (Accounting for new resource types)

3.3.1 Accounting Repository

  • No report received

3.3.2 Accounting Portal

  • Work on Storage view
  • Work on MPI view

4. Next Meetings

  • Next JRA1 Meeting: 26 March 2014
  • Migration of SAM Central Services - 7th meeting: 27 March 2014
  • SAM roadmap in PY5: 9 April 2014