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Information required through the form

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Phase 1)

For the initial prototype version of the ESFRI contact gathering process the questions can be distributed within a spreadsheet together with the existing information.

The following questions are proposed:

  • Who is/are your contact(s) associated with each ESFRI project with a presence in your country?
  • What is his/her role in the ESFRI project?
  • Which sites within each ESFRI project are known to you, name of contact and their affiliation,
  • what degree of contact do you have with each site? none, occasional, regular.
  • What is the status of collaboration between the NGI and the ESFRI project site (e.g. early discussions, mature discussions, early technical, mature technical)
  • How much potential do you see for a fruitful collaboration between your NGI and this ESFRI project as a whole and with each site? (Are they open to collaboration with EGI in general? Can they benefit from the current EGI services? Could they use a cloud-based EGI?)
  • What are the plans to strengthen the joint activities with the ESFRI project?
  • Any other comment, remark?

We need to discuss the format of questions: multiple choice versus open fields?

Suggestions to change/improve questions

The suggestions of Virtual Team members concerning changes in the questions can be recorded here.


  • Indicate when a site/country is the leader of an ESFRI project. (may be already covered by the "What is the role of the person in the project")
  • Provide spreadsheets to VT members rather than a word doc table of ESFRI contacts and ask each to hash a spreadsheet from it and the info online. It'll create a huge overhead on UCST if you receive responses in a variety of formats.
  • Order the spreadsheet by ESFRI project rather than by institution as ESFRI project is more likely to be the search term.

Phase 2)

Provide different implementations of the interview form for the NILs/NGIs using one of the following mechanisms:

  • Zoomerang survey
  • Word doc
  • PDF file
  • CRM (not ready yet, under stup by Ibergrid)

The info coming in to UCST through the different channels have to be merged into a single place by UCST. This single place should be the CRM. After the first few interview forms arrive we will see what kind of data we want to record and present to the NILs, to the project office, etc. This will be the input for the fine tuning of the CRM system.