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Testbed Goals

The Goals of the EGI IPv6 testbed are the following ones:

1. Allow general purpose testing of UMD components using the IPv6 protocol

2. Enable specific IPv6 test campaigns on selected UMD components or required external dependencies
3. Provide an hands-on IPv6 testbed for possible IPv6 tutorials for the EGI site administrators community, both on IPv6 in general and IPv6 Security
4. Enable IPv6 testing of specific applications relevant to the EGI UCB / User Community
5. Allow the IPv6 testing of EGI-Inspire JRA1 Operationals Tools components
6. Complement the work done by the HEPiX IPv6 WG, focusing on the middleware

Testbed Resources

NGI/Institute Node Name IPv4 Name IPv6 Name IPv4 address IPv6 address Deployed UMD services notes
GARR hepix-ui.dir.garr.it hepix-ui-v4.dir.garr.it hepix-ui-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::80 GLITE UI & GridFTP server OK
GARR wms-net.dir.garr.it wms-net-v4.dir.garr.it wms-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::104 gLite WMS not installed yet
GARR gridsrv3-net.dir.garr.it gridsrv3-v4.dir.garr.it gridsrv3-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::108 CREAM CE OK
GARR bdii-net.dir.garr.it bdii-net-v4.dir.garr.it bdii-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::103 Site BDII OK
GARR gridsrv2-net.dir.garr.it gridsrv2-v4.dir.garr.it gridsrv2-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::107 Worker Node OK
GARR wn2-net.dir.garr.it wn2-net-v4.dir.garr.it wn2-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::102 Worker Node Not installed yet
GARR gridsrv4-net.dir.garr.it gridsrv4-net-v4.dir.garr.it gridsrv4-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::109 (emi_dpm_mysql) DPM node OK
GARR gridsrv6-net.dir.garr.it gridsrv6-net-v4.dir.garr.it gridsrv6-net-v6.dir.garr.it 2001:760:0:106::111 LFC File Catalogue OK
NGI_CZ/FZU dpmhead.ipv6.farm.particle.cz dpmhead-v4.ipv6.farm.particle.cz dpmhead-v6.ipv6.farm.particle.cz 2001:718:1e01:1725::71 emi_dpm_mysql ..
NGI_CZ/FZU ui.ipv6.farm.particle.cz ui-v4.ipv6.farm.particle.cz ui-v6.ipv6.farm.particle.cz 2001:718:1e01:1725:5054:ff:fe3f:6545 gridftp server ..
NGI_CZ/FZU voms.ipv6.farm.particle.cz voms-v4.ipv6.farm.particle.cz voms-v6.ipv6.farm.particle.cz 2001:718:1e01:1725::6:91 VOMS server VO ipv6.hepix.org - mirror of voms2.cnaf.infn.it
NGI_CZ/FZU lb.ipv6.farm.particle.cz lb-v4.ipv6.farm.particle.cz lb-v6.ipv6.farm.particle.cz 2001:718:1e01:1725::73 LB (UMD repo) ...
ARNES meja.arnes.si meja.arnes.si meja.arnes.si 2001:1470:8000:403::39 ARC CE
GRNET repository.egi.eu repository.egi.eu repository.egi.eu, 2001:648:2030:3000:216:3eff:fefb:3771 UMD Repository Service ..
.... ...