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EGI IPv6 related activities and survey ( EGI Network Support )


IPv6 Tools and Links / Guides

EGI IPv6 Testbed

IPv6 Survey

IPv6 Survey Result (29 NGIs/EIROs answered as of Oct 31, 2011 out of 41 total - 71 % )

# Short Country NGI 1) Any
IPv6-only site?
2) IPv6 sites
today ?
3) IPv6 sites
planned ?
4) How many sites
with IPv6 connect?
5)NREN IPv6? 6)Motivation
for IPv6
IPv6 ?
8)Tutorials IPv6
security ?
9) Testbed? 10) Task
other info
or comments
1. AL Albania ALBGRID NO NO The NREN is in stage of design (in framework of a project funded by Italian Government), deployment of IPv6 would follow after the national backbone being created, including its usage from gird sites. none NO - YES YES NO NO
2. AM Armenia ANGI ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
3. AT Austria AustrianGrid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
4. BY Belarus BNGI ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
5. BE Belgium BEgrid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
6. BA Bosnia-Herzegovina NGI_BA YES NO YES, NEXT 6 MONTHS (ROUGHLY) 2 YES/NO (2 RENs) Lack of IPv4 addresses YES YES YES (IN 6 MOTHS TIME) NO ...
7. BG Bulgaria BGI NO NO YES,at least 3 months 5 YES We have enough IPv4 addresses for now , but Ipv6 is a newer and much better networking protocol, it is the future. YES YES YES, but with limited manpower NO
8. HR Croatia CRO NGI NO NO NO All YES To take advantage of IPv6 protocol specific fetures
To promote IPv6 services
9. CY Cyprus CGI NO NO NO 0 NO YES NO NO NO ...
10. CZ Czech Republic MetaCentrum NO NO YES
- FZU (Institute of Physics of Academy of Sciences) have a project to try IPv6 for its EGI site, it just started.

-CERIT-SC at Masaryk University is interested to provide access to its resources provided the deployed services will become IPv6 ready.

All YES Lack of IPv4 addresses. For providing resources as a virtual clusters (many virtual nodes), but in “classic” deployment too. Depends on context – not useful without particular deployment plans Depends on context – not useful without particular deployment plans YES, FZU site NO, it can change over time. FZU is involved in the HEPIX IPv6 WG and interested in EGI-wide cooperation.
11. DK Denmark <TBA> ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
12. FI Finland CSC/Funet NO YES YES, where available 1 YES Testing and futureproofing YES YES YES NO
13. FR France IDG/FranceGrilles NO YES YES > 1 (in evaluation) YES TESTING AND DEPLOYING (collaboration with sites without IPv4 adresses) YES NO YES (out of NGI) YES
14. GE Georgia GEO-GRID NO NO NO (Not Yet) 0 NO NO YES YES NO NO ...
15. DE Germany NGI-DE NO : - currently we no information about a site which will run IPv6 only YES 3-10 (1 year)
-deploying some services over IPv4/6 dualstack (probably 10 sites within the next year) --running a Grid center over ipv6. (this will be a very small number, may be 3 sites)
View sites e.g Desy / LMU are running ipv6 (but not necessarily at their Grid (Tier-2) installation ) 2 with “native” IPv6 : DFN and Belwue - Connectivity to collaborating sites reachable only via IPv6

- offer services via IPv6 - Our organization decided do deploy IPv6, to be prepared for future. IPv6 definitively will come on the global internet. Step by step KIT will rollout IPv6 on all available services.

YES, but Grid site and Middelware specific, since there are already lots of training and tutorials available (from NRENs, Geant/Dante, Ripe,… and commercial companies) YES, but Grid site and Middelware specific, since there are already lots of training and tutorials available (from NRENs, Geant/Dante, Ripe,… and commercial companies) YES NO - KIT is involved in HEPIX IPv6 WG

- and we would be a Grid middleware test side - everything beyond would be over our capacity we are able to provide

16. GR Greece GRNET/Hellasgrid NO NO NO NO YES NO NO YES NO
17. HU Hungary MGKK ...
18. IE Ireland GridIreland NO YES - Not a Grid Site level, but at Institute level. 5 of our 6 grid connected sites support IPv6 NO 5 YES Technological advantages YES YES – In particular Ipv6 firewalling NO NO – Due to other workload commitments
19. IL Israel ISRAGRID ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
20. IT Italy IGI NO YES NO All YES Experiment m/w using IPv6 YES YES YES YES ...
21. LV Latvia LatvianGrid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
22. LT Lithuania LitGRID NO NO YES (VU-MIF-LCG2 in some future) 0 YES lack of Ipv4 addresses, no NAT required, possible additional security features YES YES YES NO
23. MK FYR Macedonia MARGI ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
24. MD Moldova MD-Grid NO NO NO None NO Lack of IPv4 addresses, improved security YES YES NO NO ...
25. ME Montenegro MREN NO NO YES, next 12 months 0 YES Lack of IPv4 addresses YES YES YES (in 18 months time) NO ...
26. NL The Netherlands BIG Grid NO NO NO ALL YES Be ready to conect to ipv6-only sites YES YES YES MAYBE ...

27. NO Norway NorGrid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
28. PL Poland PL-Grid NO NO Sites only have very vague plans to implement IPv6 in the future. No timescale can be given. Sites rather do not need to have IPv6 yet, but will implement it if needed or if it will be a general recommendation from EGI. All (6) Yes n/a YES YES NO NO
30. RO Romania RoGrid NO YES NO 2 (UVT and UPB) YES YES YES NO NO ...
31. RU Russian Federation NGI_RU NO NO NO NO YES YES NO NO
32. RS Serbia AEGIS NO NO Yes, at least one site, in 12 months. All YES YES YES NO NO ...
33. SK Slovakia SlovakGrid NO NO NO 0 NO YES YES NO NO ...
34. SI Slovenia SLING NO NO YES ALL YES Lack of IPv4 addresses YES YES YES NO ...
35. ES Spain RedIRIS NO YES YES, in short term All YES IPv6 promotion and deployment; Test IPv6 capabilities YES YES We have to check We have to check ...
36. SW Sweeden SweGrid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
37. CH Switzerland SwiNG NO NO NO CSCS-LCG2 could switch IPv6 on if WLCG would ask for it. T3_CH_PSI should get ready by mid-2012 but there's no decision about switching it on yet. YES Motivation is mostly to stay compatible with the current developments, e.g. customers wanting to interact with PSI over IPv6. YES YES YES (Only with very little manpower contribution) NO
38. TR Turkey TR-Grid NO NO NO All YES Utilizing functional properties that IPV6 protocol provides YES YES NO NO
39. UK United Kingdom NGI_UK ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
40. EIRO CERN CERN NO NO YES, implementation just started, timescale not known yet None YES lack of IPv4 addresses; part of the Internet will become IPv6

only, and so CERN will be unable to reach all its users

NO in general, YES related to grid services NO TBD NO ...
41. TW Taiwan ASGC NO YES NO NO YES The collaboration project is ready and
required to support IPv6 services.
YES, at tech.level
On IPv6 deployment, won't help.
YES, at tech.level YES NO