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= '''EGI IPv6 Activities <dt><dt><dd>  <i>(Testbed, Test Reports, Links, Tools, Survey)</i>'''=
= '''EGI IPv6 Activities <dt><dt><dd>  <i>(Testbed, Test Reports, Links, Tools, Survey)</i>'''=
== Plans for 2013 ==

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Welcome to the wiki page about IPv6. EGI Network Support Contact: network-support AT mailman.egi.eu

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EGI IPv6 Activities
(Testbed, Test Reports, Links, Tools, Survey)

Plans for 2013

EGI IPv6 Testbed and Testing Reports

EGI IPv6 Testbed


EGI IPv6 Test Reports and Summary Table of Initial IPv6 Assessment (including Install & Config)


Tests Wrap-Up: Summary Table of Client/Server IPv4/IPv6 behavior for UMD 2 / EMI 2 Services


Towards a global unified EGI, EMI, HEPiX Testbed


IPv6 enabled UMD, Scientific Linux and EMI Mirrors


IPv6 Tools and Links / Guides

IPv6 test


HEPiX IPv6 Working Group Pages

EGI JRA1 IPv6 Readiness Pages

EMI Testbed Resources (not only IPv6 ones)

IPv6 Survey and Survey results

IPv6 Survey Questionnaire


IPv6 Survey Result

29 NGIs/EIROs answered as of Oct 31, 2011 out of 41 total - 71 %