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= How to add URL service endpoint information into GOC-DB =
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For monitoring purposes, each service endpoints registered into GOC-DB with the flags ''production'' and ''monitored''  should include the endpoint URL information in order to be contacted by the relative nagios probe.
The information needed for service type are:
*CREAM-CE: the queue URL where the ops VO is enabled. This is the value of the attribute GlueCEUniqueID published in the BDII (e.g. '''').
*SRM: the value of the attribute GlueServiceEndpoint published in the BDII (e.g. ''httpg://'')
*Other service types: the value of the attribute GlueServiceEndpoint published in the BDII
== Get the information ==
For retrieving the queue URL from the BDII, you can simply use the command ''lcg-infosites'' executed from an UI. Be sure to query a production Top-BDII: you can either set the one provided by your Operations Centre or choose one from
For example:
$ export
$ lcg-infosites --vo ops ce | grep nikhef
  5680      15          0            0      0
  5680      17          1            1      0
  5680      15          0            0      0
  5680      15          0            0      0
  5680      16          0            0      0
For getting the GlueServiceEndpoint URL of your SRM service, you can launch a ldap query to your site-bdii (or also directly to the SRM service):
$ ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:// -b "mds-vo-name=NCG-INGRID-PT,o=grid" '(&(objectClass=GlueService)(GlueServiceType=SRM))' GlueServiceEndpoint
dn: GlueServiceUniqueID=httpg://,Mds-Vo-name=NCG-INGRID-PT,o=grid
GlueServiceEndpoint: httpg://
In a similar way, by just changing the value of ''GlueServiceType'', you can get the endpoint URLs of other services.
== Fill in the information ==
* URLs information are completely missing
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