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= Registering a new service in GOC-DB: mandatory and optional information =
Information to provide when registering a new service (the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory):
Hosting Site * (select the appropriate RC under which you are registering the service)
Service Type * (select the appropriate service type)
Service URL (Alphanumeric and $-_.+!*'(),:)
Host name * (valid FQDN format)
Host IP a.b.c.d
Host IPv6 (0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000[/int]) (optional [/int] range)
Host DN (/C=.../OU=.../...)
Description * (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)
Host Operating System (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)
Host Architecture (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)
Is it a beta service (formerly PPS service)? Y/N
Is this service in production? Y/N
Is this service monitored? Y/N
Contact E-Mail * (valid email format)
== Scope Tags ==
✓ Optional Tags (At least 1 optional tags must be selected)
EGI  Local 
✓ Reserved Tags Inheritable from Parent Site
✓ Reserved Tags Directly Assigned (WARNING - If deselected you will not be able to reselect the tag - it will be moved to the 'Protected Reserved Tags' list)
✗ Protected Reserved Tags (Can only be assigned on request)
alice  atlas  cms  elixir  lhcb  tier1  tier2  wlcg
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