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Information for registering a site into GOCDB

With the help of its NGI Operation Center, the site has to register their own resources in a central database named GOCDB. The following is an example of how to fill in the database which should be to sent (by email) to the NGI manager(s).

Note that historically there was a Site operations hours field. This can be filled in (voluntarily) if it appears again.

Required information

The following fields are mandatory and must be sent with your application.

ROC: your ROC/NGI (e.g. NGI_France or ROC_LA)
Country: your country  (e.g. Italy)
Domain: DNS domain used by the machines at this site (eg:
Short Name: Generic name for the site (Alphanumeric, dot dash and underscore, eg: INFN-CNAF)
Official Name: Official name (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation), 
e.g. "Mysite, University of Mytown, Mycountry"
E-Mail: Generic contact used for broadcasts, notifications and general purpose contact. 
The mailing list must include all the site-managers responsible for that site. 
A suggested e-mail alias would take the form of grid-prod@site-domain
Contact Telephone Number: Generic phone contact (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)
Security Contact E-mail: A mailing list for security information communication. 
The mailing list must be closed and its archives not published. 
A suggested e-mail alias would take the form of grid-sec@site-domain'
Security Contact Telephone Number: Site's CSIRT  Telephone Number (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)
(CSIRT = Computer Security Incident Response Team FOR THE SITE)

Additional information

This information should be filled in at a later time. Although it is not required, it is recommended to complete this as much as possible.

Timezone: e.g. Europe/Amsterdam
Home URL: Site web homepage if any (eg:
GIIS URL: SITE-BDII ldap url, e.g. ldap://,o=grid
IP Range: (a.b.c.d/e.f.g.h) for the case of no firewall:
Location: An increasing resolution ending with Country (Town, City, Country), 
e.g. Soho, London, United Kingdom (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation) 
Latitude: To get your site latitude: (+/-a.b)
Longitude: To get your site longitudine: (+/-a.b)
Description: (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)

Emergency Telephone Number:  phone contact for emergency procedure (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)
Alarm E-Mail: (for LCG Tier 1 sites) (valid email format)
Helpdesk E-Mail: endpoint to the local helpdesk for direct ticketing from GGUS. 
If not set, the ROC/NGI helpdesk contact will be used instead (valid email format)

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