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= Information for registering a site into GOCDB =
With the help of its NGI Operation Center, the site has to register their own resources in a central database named [[GOCDB]]. The following is an example of how to fill in the database which should be to sent (by email) to the NGI manager(s).
Note that historically there was a Site operations hours field. This can be filled in (voluntarily) if it appears again.
== Required information ==
The following fields are mandatory and must be sent with your application.
'''ROC''': your ROC/NGI (e.g. NGI_France or ROC_LA)
'''Country''': ''your country''  (e.g. Italy)
'''Domain''': ''DNS domain used by the machines at this site (eg: cnaf.infn.it)''
'''Short Name''': ''Generic name for the site (Alphanumeric, dot dash and underscore, eg: INFN-CNAF)''
'''Official Name''': ''Official name (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation), ''
e.g. "Mysite, University of Mytown, Mycountry"
'''E-Mail''': ''Generic contact used for broadcasts, notifications and general purpose contact. ''
The mailing list must include all the site-managers responsible for that site.
A suggested e-mail alias would take the form of grid-prod@site-domain
'''Contact Telephone Number''': ''Generic phone contact (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)''
'''Security Contact E-mail''': ''A mailing list for security information communication. ''
The mailing list must be closed and its archives not published.
A suggested e-mail alias would take the form of grid-sec@site-domain'
'''Security Contact Telephone Number''': ''Site's CSIRT  Telephone Number (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)''
(CSIRT = Computer Security Incident Response Team FOR THE SITE)
== Additional information ==
This information should be filled in at a later time. Although it is not required, it is recommended to complete this as much as possible.
'''Timezone''': e.g. Europe/Amsterdam
'''Home URL''': ''Site web homepage if any (eg: http://www.cnaf.infn.it)''
'''GIIS URL''': ''SITE-BDII ldap url, e.g. ldap://sibilla.cnaf.infn.it:2170/mds-vo-name=infn-cnaf,o=grid''
'''IP Range''': ''(a.b.c.d/e.f.g.h) for the case of no firewall:''
'''Location''': ''An increasing resolution ending with Country (Town, City, Country), ''
e.g. Soho, London, United Kingdom (Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)'' ''
'''Latitude''': ''To get your site latitude: http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html (+/-a.b)''
'''Longitude''': ''To get your site longitudine: http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html (+/-a.b)''
'''Description''': ''(Alphanumeric and basic punctuation)''
'''Emergency Telephone Number''':  ''phone contact for emergency procedure (numbers, optional +, dots spaces or dashes)''
'''Alarm E-Mail''': ''(for LCG Tier 1 sites) (valid email format)''
'''Helpdesk E-Mail''': ''endpoint to the local helpdesk for direct ticketing from GGUS. ''
If not set, the ROC/NGI helpdesk contact will be used instead (valid email format)
<br> Back to Resource Centre registration and certification procedure [[PROC09#Resource_Centre_registration |PROC09]]
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