H2020 EC cluster for Social sciences and humanities

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EC h2020 project cluster: Social sciences and humanities

  • THOR

Website: http://project-thor.eu/ Contact: Adam Farquhar, British Library

THOR will establish seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers across the research lifecycle. This will create a wealth of open resources and foster a sustainable international e-infrastructure. The result will be reduced duplication, economies of scale, richer research services, and opportunities for innovation.

The core of THOR's work focuses on persistent identifier services including ORCIDs for people, DOIs for data and articles, and ISNIs for people and organisations. They provide an essential thin layer that supports citation, reporting, impact assessment, and many other services.

The project has four concrete aims:

  • Establishing interoperability
  • Integrating services
  • Building capacity
  • Achieving sustainability

We have ten partners: The British Library (coordinator), the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), CERN, DataCite, Dryad, Elsevier Labs, the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), ORCID, the earth sciences data centre Pangaea, and the Public Library of Science (PLoS).