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H2020 EC cluster for International cooperation

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International cooperation has been and continue to be a strong element of eInfrastructure activities. I would like you to list the services, skill development, innovation actions and your focus on user communities and the regions. You may share these with other projects in the group and prepare a synthesis of them jointly to be presented at the e-concertation meeting.

In addition to e-Infrastructure for research and education, I would also welcome pointers and examples on how your project contributes to ICT for development, in particular in developing countries. In this respect, I refer to the WSIS (, which the Commission strongly supports, and also the EIF booklet ICT and Development with a forward from our Commissioner Günther Oettinger. In liaison with our DG International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO), we are actively promoting eInfrastructure co-operation with Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. You are welcome to highlight your experiences with AfricaConnect, TEIN, CAREN, EUMEDCONNECT and REDCLARA, and also show how it contributes to WSIS objectives.

Collaboration ideas

  • share applications developed in VRE projects, making sure the can be deployed and promoted out of the project for broader adoption
  • develop an integrated service catalogue to enrich baseline e-Infrastructure service catalogue with community specific tools
  • harmonization of training programmes (TBD)
  • research community building
  • cloud federation and cloud standardization



Contact: David Wrathmall/GEANT


Contact: marketplace of applications, in previous project platform (shareware) where different applications can be added, including conferencing tools, indico Foster adoption of edugain and eduroam Integrate SSO into these applications (interoperable groupware)






Contact: 2 year project, CSA Western and South Africa focus for the development of NRENs in those regions Relationship with the AfricaConnect2 project Collaboration in place with MAGIC


Start: 01 October 2015 Development of applications for life science, climate and cultural heritage 16 partners, with a focus on South Eastern Europe and Arabia Baseline infrastructure: HTC, HPC and cloud Development of a service catalogue