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== EGI Glossary  ==
This page contains the latest version of EGI glossary terms (currently V1).
{| width="80%" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1"
|+ EGI Glossary - Latest Version
! style="width:200px" scope="col" | Term
! align="center" scope="col" | Abbr.
! scope="col" | Definition
! scope="row" | [[#Resource_Centre|Resource Centre]]
| RC
| The Resource Centre – also known as Site – is the smallest resource administration domain in EGI. It can be either localised or geographically distributed. It provides a minimum set of local or remote UMD-compliant capabilities necessary to make resources accessible to users. Access is granted by exposing common interfaces to users.
! scope="row" | [[#Certified_Resource_Centre|Certified Resource Centre]]
| A Certified Resource Centre is a Resource Centre that conforms to the requirements specified in the "Resource Centre Registration and Certification Procedure"
! scope="row" | [[#Resource_Infrastructure_Provider|Resource Infrastructure Provider]]
! scope="row" |
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