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VO Feed Example

VO feed for the GOCDB EGI scoped data (ATP will recognize this gocdb data as the 'OPS' VO topology feed).

  • If an endpoint is included in a virtual site, the endpoint must appear in this VO feed as a child of an <atp_site> element corresponding to the parent physical site.
  • The VO feed should include all service endpoints, both visible and invisible to EGI.
  • For each physical site a <group> element will be used to indicate that all child endpoints belong to the virtual site named by the group
    • It is permitted duplicate <atp_site> elements where necessary. e.g. RAL_LCG2 may appear twice with two different sets of endpoints linked to two different virtual sites.
  • The feed specifies that all sites are under the ops VO using the <vo>OPS</vo> element.

In summary, the GOCDB to ATP mappings are:

  • Site == <atp_site>
  • ServiceEndpoint == <service>
  • VSite == <group>

Implementation Implications

This implementation will operate as follows:

  • EGI-Visible virtual sites will appear in the central SAM
  • EGI-Invisible virtual sites will not appear in the central SAM
    • Edge case: if an EGI-Invisible site contains nothing but child

Questions for ATP:

  • We've left the infrast="EGEE" attribute on the atp_site element. Is this correct?