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Current Developments

The developments we are currently working on are listed below. They come from the agreed development list, as defined by the Operational Tools Advisory Group (OTAG) who filters and prioritizes user requests.

Release v4.5: GUI improvements and MVC/Query2XML full rollout

  • ~Jan 2013
  • Relevant RT: 1017, 1092, 1102, 1423, 1696, 4374, 4465, 4466

Multiple Endpoints Per Service

Render GOCDB data in GLUE2 Format

Extensiblity mechanism (Key-Value pair property bags)

Update Site Certification and Target Infrastructure Rules

Support for a new RDBMS

  • GOCDB currenlty relies heavily on Oracle PLSQL. Support is required for a new open source database. More info: Doctrine

Longer Term / Unconfirmed Roadmap