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Current Developments

The developments we are currently working on are listed below. They come from the agreed development list, as defined by the Operational Tools Advisory Group (OTAG) who filters and prioritizes user requests.
(related: [GOCDB development items is available in the EGI RT ticket tracker])

Support Multiple Endpoints Per Service


Redevelop the xml_output module to implement nested XML collections [not confirmed]

probably using the Query2XML package. This is necessary because the existing XML Output module will only generate flat XML documents (e.g. that often map to individual DB entities). Currently SQL joins/associations between Sites, SEs and URLs cannot be represented as hierarchical/nested XML documents (for example, consider nesting multiple EndpointLocation objects and URLs within a single ServiceEndpoint element, see: Media:GocdbGlue2UnicoreV2.pdf). It is likely that this is a requirement for regionalisation to implement the proposed XML 'synch' docs described at: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/GOCDB/Release4/Regionalisation/Data_Transfer_Format



Feedback received on the new system is given at: GOCDB/Release4/Feedback

Development Roadmap