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(Service Endpoint)
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[[GOCDB/Release4/XML_Input#Mandatory_Relationships|<< Back to Mandatory Relationships]]
[[GOCDB/Release4/XML_Input#Mandatory_Relationships|<< Back to Mandatory Relationships]]
=Service Endpoint=
=Service Endpoint=

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Service Endpoint

In order for a service endpoint to be visible in the web portal and the programmatic interface, the following mandatory relationships are needed.

A site must participate in exactly one of each link below to be visible in the web portal and programmatic interface.

Core PROM Object: service_endpoint

Primary Key: ENDPOINT

Parent Objects

Description Object Type Link Type Notes
Child service endpoint has parent service type service_type 4
Child service endpoint belongs to parent site site 6
Child service endpoint is (in)visible to EGI tag 43 The parent tag must be named either "EGI" or "Local"

Child Objects