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GOCDB Materialized View Jobs

Run the following query to list the two GOCDB related jobs (as an oracle system admin user). You should see the two GOCDB jobs listed 'MV_SE_PK_REFRESH' and 'MV_SITES_PK_REFRESH'

SELECT owner, job_name, enabled FROM dba_scheduler_jobs;

OWNER                          JOB_NAME                       ENABLED 
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------- 
SYS                            PURGE_LOG                      TRUE    
SYS                            FGR$AUTOPURGE_JOB              FALSE   
SYS                            GATHER_STATS_JOB               TRUE    
SYS                            AUTO_SPACE_ADVISOR_JOB         FALSE   
GOCDB                          MV_SE_PK_REFRESH               TRUE    
GOCDB                          MV_SITES_PK_REFRESH            TRUE