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GOCDB/Regional Module Technical Documentation

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This page is the main technical documentation for GOCDB-4 regional module

SUPPORTED VERSION: GOCDB-4.0.d7 - build GOCDB-4.0-4.d7.noarch


System prerequisites

GOCDB-4 regional module has two components: a database and a web front end. Both components can work on the same machine but it is very likely that in most environments they will be separated. This is what we would advise anyway. Machine requirements for these 2 components are described below.


  • Required database: Oracle 10g or higher (note: Oracle 10g Express edition, which comes with a free license, is perfectly suitable)
  • Required space: 150 MB

Web frontend

The machine to use as the web frontend will need the following:

  • Apache http server version 2.0 or higher.
  • PHP version 5.2 or higher.
* PHP oci8 extension
* libxml2 and DOM support for PHP (Note: On RHEL, PHP requires the PHP XML RPM to be installed for this component to function).
* OpenSSL Extension for PHP 
  • Oracle Instant client version 10 or higher (downloadable from Oracle website)
  • a X509 host certificate for the machine