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=== XML schema ===
=== XML schema ===
=== Output Example ===
=== Output Example ===

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Method: get_site_security_info

Description Returns security/CSIRT contact information for sites
Protection Level Private (level 3)

Entry point


parameter effect format/value(s) default example
sitename Only return infos for site with specified site name any sitename all ?method=get_site_security_info&sitename=RAL-LCG2
roc (ngi) Limit results to sites belonging to given NGI any NGI name all ?method=get_site_security_info&roc=NGI_DE
country Limit results to sites belonging to given country any country all ?method=get_site_security_info&country=Poland
certification_status Limit results to sites with given certification status one of "Candidate", "Uncertified", "Certified", "Closed", Suspended" all ?method=get_site_security_info&certification_status=Certified
exclude_certification_status Exclude from results sites with given certification status one of "Candidate", "Uncertified", "Certified", "Closed", Suspended" none ?method=get_site_security_info&exclude_certification_status=Closed
production_status Limit results to sites within given production infrastructure one of "Production", "PPS", "Test" all ?method=get_site_security_info&production_status=PPS
scope(=Local) Show only site contacts in the passed scope (Local is currently the only scope available) "Local" all ?method=get_site_security_info&scope=Local

Output Example

<?xml version="1.0"?>

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