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Method: get_project_contacts

Description Returns a list of persons (and associated info) having a role over a project.
Protection Level Protected (level 2)

Entry point


parameter effect format/value(s) default example
project Limit results to users with a role over a specified project any project name any ?method=get_project_contacts&project=EGI
Docs for cursor params coming soon. Limit results and use cursor paging to iterate over all results See here for info

Output Example

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
     <CONTACT USER_ID="1484G0" PRIMARY_KEY="1484G0">
     <TEL>+44 1925 603762</TEL>
     <CERTDN>/C=UK/O=eScience/OU=CLRC/L=DL/CN=david meredith</CERTDN>

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