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<!--- Removed from V5
=== XML schema ===
=== XML schema ===

=== Output Example ===
=== Output Example ===

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Method: get_downtime_to_broadcast

Description Returns the list of downtimes recently declared with notification settings for CIC portal downtime notification service
Protection Level Protected (level 2)

Entry point


parameter effect format/value(s) default example
interval Limit results to downtimes that have been inserted in the past interval days number 1 ?method=get_downtime_to_broadcast&interval=7
scope Show only downtimes that affect service endpoints with the requested scope-tags (Local and EGI are currently the only available scopes) A comma separated list of scope-tag values or an empty value to return all scopes, i.e. '&scope=' EGI  ?method=get_downtime_to_broadcast&scope=Local
scope_match Match 'all' or 'any' of the specified scope-tags 'all' or 'any' all  ?method=get_downtime_to_broadcast&scope=Local,EGI&scope_match=any

Output Example

<?xml version="1.0"?>

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