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Moved to [[GOCDB/Release4/Development/v5]]
= Introduction =
By replacing the PROM model with the [http://www.doctrine-project.org Doctrine ORM] GOCDB will support RDBMSs other than Oracle.
= Benefits =
* Write code once, deploy to Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite.
* Much simpler than the [[GOCDB/PROM]] model (see below)
|[[File:Get_Site_PROM.png|200px|thumb|left|PROM SQL]]
|[[File:Get_Site_Doctrine.png|200px|thumb|left|Doctrine SQL]]
= Changes =
The move to Doctrine will introduce changes to the GOCDB portal URLs and to the PRIMARY KEY, ID and GOCDB_PORTAL_URL fields of the GOCDB PI.
== Portal URLs ==
In PROM, each "entity" (site, service endpoint, downtime) was assigned an ID from a global pool. There is only one object 123, the GRIDOPS-GOCDB site. The following URL is used to access an entity regardless of type:
In Doctrine, each entity receives an ID unique only to that entity type. There is a site with ID 123, a service endpoint with ID 123 and a downtime with ID 123. The new URL will reflect the entity type:
(...and so on for each GOCDB entity type)
== PI Fields ==
In the GOCDB PI there are a number of PROM specific fields that will change with the move to Doctrine: PRIMARY_KEY, ID and GOCDB_PORTAL_URL.
[[File:Get_Site_Fields.png|200px|thumb|left|PROM SQL]]

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