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Grid Configuration Database (GOCDB) contains general information about the sites participating to the production Grid. Accessed by all the project actors (end-users, sitemanagers, NGI mangers, support teams, VO managers), by other tools and by third party middleware in order to get Grid topology. The portal has a single central installation but interested NGIs can download and install their own instance.

GOC DB is one of EGI core services and part of EGI Federated Operations service.

Tool name Grid Configuration Database (GOCDB)
Tool Category and description EGI Core service

GOCDB is a central registry to record information about the topology of an e-Infrastructure. This includes entities such as Operations Centres, Resource Centres, service endpoints and their downtimes, contact information and roles of users responsible for operations at different levels. The service enforces a number of business rules and defines different grouping mechanisms and object-tagging for the purposes of fine-grained resource filtering.

Tool url http://goc.egi.eu/ (primary instance) http://goc.dl.ac.uk (IPv4-only failover)
Email gocdb-admins@mailman.egi.eu
GGUS Support unit GOCDB
GOC DB entry https://goc.egi.eu/portal/index.php?Page_Type=Site&id=335
Requirements tracking - EGI tracker (GOC-DB Queue) https://rt.egi.eu/rt/Search/Results.html?Query=Queue%20%3D%20%27GOC-DB%27
Issue tracking - Developers tracker https://github.com/GOCDB/gocdb/issues
Release schedule GOCDB/Release Schedule

[EGI Release Procedure]

Release notes Release notes
Roadmap GOCDB/Roadmap
Related OLA https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2170 (May-2014-April2015)
https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2456 (May2015-April2016)
https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2770 (May2016-April2017)
QoS Reports: https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2284
Availability/Reliability Reports: https://documents.egi.eu/public/ShowDocument?docid=2324
Test instance url https://gocdb-test.esc.rl.ac.uk
Documentation GOCDB/Documentation Index

Executive Summary

License gLite/Apache 2
Provider STFC
Notifications GOCDB/notifications
Source code https://github.com/GOCDB
Data Privacy / Code of Conduct GOCDB/data privacy

Change, Release and Deployment

This sections are providing detailed agreement in terms of requirements gathering, release and deployment of GOC DB which extend Instructions for Operations Tools teams

  1. All requirements are gathered in EGI Request Tracker
  2. Prioritization and testing is done by development team, in case of need separated OTAG team will be introduced
  3. EGI RT statuses of requests are as follow
    • New - newly recorded in system
    • Accepted - accepted by OTAG team
    • Rejected - rejected by OTAG team
    • Open - (In progress) development team is implementing change
    • Resolved - released
    • Stalled - on hold
  4. Priority of requests are as follow
    • None - 0
    • Low - 1
    • Normal - 2
    • High - 3
    • Immediate (i.e. emergency) - 4
  5. Standard changes (routine actions, no need for approval)
    • changes related to database information update
    • bug fixing - restoring service to expected functionality
  6. Emergency changes (implemented without approval but subject of post-review)
    • Security incidents
  7. Releases
    • Frequency: every 2-3 months


Enter GOCDB Documentation Index Here

Extract information from GOCDB

Information is extracted by means of the GOCDB Programmatic Interface

Service end-points

Resource Centres

Find sites in GOCDB by status:

  • Get status transition of a site: example
  • List of CANDIDATE/SUSPENDED sites waiting to be certified

Status transitions

Get status transition of a site: example

Service groupings