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GGUS ticket monitoring

GGUS ticket monitoring and follow up after July 1st 2012.


  • Rules will be generated from the ideas below.


  • Implement a dashboard for easier triage of (critical) tickets

Closing old tickets

  • A ticket opened before July 1st 2012 and being untouched for XX days.
    1. will be put in status "waiting for reply" to see, if the ticket opener still needs help.
    2. when the ticket opener replies in YY days:
      1. TPM will contact the SU about the ticket.
      2. if not, the ticket will be closed. The user can verify or reopen the ticket afterwards.

Monitoring new tickets

  • Middleware tickets
    1. Escalation time
    2. Escalation steps
  • Operations Tickets
    1. Escalation time
    2. Escalation steps
  • Tickets for other Infrastructures