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'''SGE Utils'''
'''SGE Utils'''
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[[Category:FAQ Former support units (GGUS)]]
[[Category:FAQ Former support units (GGUS)]]
|Unit= SGE Utils
|Interface= H
|Updated= 2013-06-06
|purpose=  The SGE Utils Support Unit (SU) is a 3rd level SU, about integrating SGE Utils with the rest of the grid m/w (glite, EMI).
<span style="color:red">The supporters act on a best-effort basis</span>, after GGUS ticket filtering by the TPM (1st level) and the DMSU (2nd level).
It provides support for usage of SGE Utils from the Grid, e.g. setting-up SGE Utils in the CREAM CE.
The SGE Utils SU will not build and package new releases of SGE Utils neither will it fix bugs in SGE Utils.
|responsible= IFCA and LIP (both institutes on a best effort basis) and CESGA.
|solved by= Yes. However, depending on the exact issue, the problem could be reassigned to other support unit.
|components=SGE Utils
|assigned by=By assignment within GGUS from the DMSU.
|documentation= Please refer to the CREAM CE documentation available at:
|sortname=Sge utils
|type of issue=Computing Services

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