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GGUS wiki / GGUS Documentation

GGUS – Global Grid User Support

This is the GGUS release schedule. For general information see the GGUS documentation pages.

GGUS releases usually are done on the last Wednesday of a month. Feature requests and bugs are collected in the GGUS shopping list and the EGI RT Requirements Queue.
They are discussed and prioritized on weekly phone conferences and the monthly GGUS-AB meetings.


Month Date Status
NOV Wednesday, 28 Done
DEC Wednesday, 12 Done


Month Date Status
JAN Wednesday, 23 Done
FEB Wednesday, 27 Done
MAR Wednesday, 27 Done
APR Wednesday, 24 Done
MAY Wednesday, 05th of JUNE!! Done
JUN Wednesday, 26 Cancelled
JUL Wednesday, 10 Done
SEP Wednesday, 25 Cancelled
OCT Wednesday, 23 Done
NOV Wednesday, 27 Done
DEC Wednesday, 18 Cancelled


Month Date Status
JAN Wednesday, 29 Done
FEB Wednesday, 26 Done
MAR Wednesday, 26 Done
APR Wednesday, 30 Done
MAY Monday, 26 Done
JUN Wednesday, 25 Cancelled
JUL Wednesday, 16 Done
SEP Wednesday, 01 of OCTOBER!! Done
OCT Wednesday, 05 of NOVEMBER!! Done
NOV Wednesday, 26 Cancelled
DEC Wednesday, 10 Done


Month Date Status
JAN Wednesday, 28 Done
FEB Wednesday, 25 Done
MAR Wednesday, 25 Done
APR Wednesday, 29 Scheduled
MAY Wednesday, 27 Scheduled
JUN Wednesday, 24 Scheduled
JUL Wednesday, 29 Scheduled
SEP Wednesday, 30 Scheduled
OCT Wednesday, 28 Scheduled
NOV Wednesday, 25 Scheduled
DEC Wednesday, 16 Scheduled