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'''MPI User Support'''
|Unit= MPI User Support
== See ==
|E-Mail= vt-mpi@mailman.egi.eu
* now: [[GGUS:MPI User Support FAQ]]
<!-- * decommission: https://rt.egi.eu/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=5502 -->
|Updated= 2012-02-03
[[Category:FAQ Former support units (GGUS)]]
|purpose= User and Site related problems with MPI. This includes handling problems with job submission to sites supporting MPI. The unit will also handle general MPI on Grid related issue.
* If an issue involves the  glite-MPI packaging or mpi-start code, then the ticket should be routed to [[GGUS:MPI FAQ|EMI MPI]].
* All other issues, such as MPI jobs failing at sites due to misconfiguration, MPI jobs being queued but not scheduled, requests for configuration guidance and MPI user application guidance etc, will be handled by MPI User Support.
* It may also be possible that a user may encounter an issue where their MPI job fails, but is not sure/aware if this a site problem or a M/W problem (perhaps on non-backwards-compatible option is introduced into a software component), in this case I recommend that the MPI User Support Unit should be the first support unit.
* If in doubt about the flow of an MPI ticket, please send it to the new MPI User Support unit.
* It can then either be:
**  a) Handled immediately by the new User Support Unit,
**  b) Re-assigned to the [[GGUS:MPI FAQ|EMI MPI Unit]],
**  c) Forked, with a new ticket assigned to EMI MPI, but this is also tracked by the MPI User Support Unit.
|assigned by= TPM should direct issues to the MPI Virtual Team. The Virtual Team will investigate whether the issue is middleware related or site related.
|documentation=MPI related documentation is maintained at the [http://grid.ifca.es/wiki/Middleware/MpiStart MPI-Start wiki] that includes specific information on [http://grid.ifca.es/wiki/Middleware/MpiStart/SiteConfiguration Site Configuration], [http://grid.ifca.es/wiki/Middleware/MpiStart/UserDocumentation User Documentation] and [http://grid.ifca.es/wiki/Middleware/MpiStart/TroubleshootingGuide Troubleshooting].
EGI Operations community maintains a manual that may be useful at [[MAN03|MPI-Start Installation and Configuration]].
|components=The MPI User Support SU will deal with problems concerning the the overall end user experience in using MPI on the EGI infrasturture.
|responsible=EGI MPI User Support team.
|solved by=The MPI User Support supporters either resolve the matter and solve the ticket or they assign the ticket to another support unit.
== Notes ==

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