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'''EGI Staged Rollout'''
<!-- * decommission: -->
[[Category:FAQ Former support units (GGUS)]]
|Unit= EGI OLA Staged Rollout
|Unit= EGI Staged Rollout
|Interface= H
|Interface= H
|purpose= This is a 3rd level support unit is responsible to handle any issues found during the UMD Staged Rollout process.
|components= This unit provides support for the following services:<br>
* UMD Staged Rollout process including repository and related support tools used (RT).
|service quality=  
|service quality=  
|responsible= EGI SA2
|sortname=EGI OLA Staged Rollout
|sortname=EGI Staged Rollout
|assigned by=  
|assigned by= TPM
|solved by=
|solved by= Most tickets are handled internally or in co-operation with DMSU

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