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|sortname=Lcg util development
|sortname=Lcg util development
|assigned by=LCG_Util and GFAL users and application developers.
|solved by=Solved in lcg_util development support.
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|assigned by=
|solved by=
|components= For which components do you provide support?
|assigned by= Who will assign tickets to UNIT?
|solved by= Are tickets typically solved in UNIT or reassigned elsewhere?

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FAQ FOR lcg_util Development SUPPORT UNIT

Responsible Unit
lcg_util Development
GGUS (Operations Helpdesk by TPM)

What is the purpose of the lcg_util Development Support?

To provide support for lcg_util and gfal

For which components does lcg_util Development provide support?

lcg_util and gfal

Which quality of service (QoS) will you provide?


Who will assign tickets to lcg_util Development Support?

LCG_Util and GFAL users and application developers.

Are tickets typically solved in lcg_util Development Support or reassigned elsewhere?

Solved in lcg_util development support.

Who is responsible for lcg_util Development Support?

The gLite Data Management product team (in EMI) is responsible for lcg_util and gfal.

What documentation is available on lcg_util Development Support?

What is the usual "Type of Issue" for the tickets of lcg_util Development?



No comments.

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Open a GGUS ticket indicating that it should be directed at the lcg_util Development team.