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GGUS:Change Implementation

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GGUS wiki / GGUS Documentation

GGUS – Global Grid User Support

This is the GGUS change implementation process. For general information see the GGUS documentation pages.

Requesting changes

Changes can be requested by submitting a ticket in either GGUS EGI RT tracker or GGUS WLCG JIRA tracker. Alternatively a GGUS ticket can be submitted. The GGUS team will then submit tickets in RT and JIRA for the record.

Implementation process

GGUS system consists of 3 instances: development, test and production.
All changes including patch installation for the OS are done on development instance first.
In the next step changes are propagated to the test instances for intensive testing by GGUS team and by users from the communities if necessary.
In case no problems occure on test instances changes are scheduled for installation on production instances.

Software version and patch installation

GGUS software is under control of a version control system.
For installation all changes are packaged in rpm files which are installed using package manager yum.
This allows to keep control on the installed patches and roll back easily in case of unexpected problems after a change.

Adding or removing support units

Support units can be added or removed on the fly. This does not require a formal change.
However a ticket in GGUS EGI RT tracker and GGUS WLCG JIRA tracker are required for the record. These tracker tickets are part of the GGUS release notes of the next GGUS release.