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VM Management
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VM Image Management
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Leader: Kostas Koumantaros, EGI-InSPIRE SA2


Role Institution Name
Scenario leader EGI-InSPIRE SA2 Kostas Koumantaros
Collaborator GRIF Michel Jovi
Collaborator TCD Stuart Kenny


  • Investigate how to do double endorsement
  • Investigate x509 + VOMS authentication


This workbench deals with the issues around setting up a VM Marketplace to:

  • Provide a publicly searchable place for VMs that may provide the application that is needed
  • Provide a common place to add a token of endorsement to a pertinent VM

Marketplace Howto

Publishing metadata for images stored in RP local image store

In this case we are publishing metadata describing an image that is stored in a Resource Providers local image store. The metadata will contain an OCCI storage link that can be used by a user when creating a compute resource at that provider.

  1. Install the StratusLab command line client.
    See http://www.stratuslab.org/doku.php/tutorial:installation
    This provides the commands needed to create metadata and to upload to the Marketplace
  2. Obtain the OCCI URL for the image. The attached script will do this:
    perl get-occi-link.pl -host=http://<occi_host> -port=<occi_port> -image="<image_name>"
  3. To create the metadata you must have access to the image file. The file passed to stratus-build-metadata should be uncompressed. The location should be set as the OCCI URL retrieved in the previous step.
    --os-version=<os version>
    --comment="A description of the image"
    --location=<occi url>
  4. The metadata must now be signed.
    --email=<endorser email>
    <metadata file>
  5. And finally uploaded
    --marketplace-endpoint http://marketplace.egi.eu
    <metadata file>