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== How to render those information in GLUE2 ==
'''Note''': BDII service speaks only GLUE2. The Cloud information need to be squeezed in the current set of GLUE2 Entities. If the schema is extended to include Cloud-specific entities, it needs to be officially approved by OGF and implemented in the various ''glue-schema'' ''glue-validator'' components deployed with the BDII.
=== Use the currently available GLUE2.0 entities ===
Currently the GLUE2 includes two main conceptual models for Computing Elements and Storage Elements. These elements should be used to model the Cloud capabilities remaining compliant to the current GLUE2.0 schema.
=== Deploy a new set of entities ===
<!-- What to model?
    What is the name of the resource and what type of interface can I use to manage instances on the resource?
        What is the endpoint I should contact to interact with the cloud management interface? (E.g. the url of the web-service/portal)
    What are the AuthN and AuthZ rules that operate on your cloud?
    What instances are already installed on the resource and am I allowed to upload my own instances?
    If I am able to upload instances what format of instances does the resource accept?
    Is there a data interface available and if so what is it?
    What is the overall size of the resource?
    Are instance templates defined that limit the choice of instance scales I am able to run?
    What type of virtual network can I establish on the resource?
    Does the resource support cloud scalability through managed bursting to another external provider?
The following are questions on the dynamic information;
    I have a virtual instance that requires X,Y,Z resources, does your cloud have A>X, B>Y,C>Z resource available?
    My instance is short lived is its utilisation of resources going to be captured in the information system such that overprovisioning will/will not occur?
    What is the charging scheme and how much will using your cloud cost?

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