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== Scenario 3: Integrating multiple resource providers ==
<font color="red">Leader: David Wallom, OeRC</font>
== Scenario collaborators ==
{| border="1"
|Scenario leader
|David Wallom
| OeRC
| Matteo Turilli
|Peter Solagna
== Information that should be published by a cloud service ==
The following are the information identified during the TF F2F meeting:
#What is the name of the resource and what type of interface can I use to manage instances on the resource?
#What are the AuthN and AuthZ rules that operate on your cloud?
#What instances are already installed on the resource and am I allowed to upload my own instances?
#If I am able to upload instances what format of instances does the resource accept?
#Is there a data interface available and if so what is it?
#What is the overall size of the resource?
#Are instance templates defined that limit the choice of instance scales I am able to run?
#What type of virtual network can I establish on the resource?
#Does the resource support cloud scalability through managed bursting to another external provider?
The following are questions on the dynamic information;
#I have a virtual instance that requires X,Y,Z resources, does your cloud have A>X, B>Y,C>Z resource available?
#My instance is short lived is its utilisation of resources going to be captured in the information system such that overprovisioning will/will not occur?
#What is the charging scheme and how much will using your cloud cost?

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