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Main Roadmap and Innovation Technology For Users For Resource Providers Media

Workbenches: Open issues
Scenario 1
VM Management
Scenario 2
Data Management
Scenario 3
Information Systems
Scenario 4
Scenario 5
Scenario 6
Scenario 7
Federated AAI
Scenario 8
VM Image Management
Scenario 9
Scenario 10
Scenario 11

Leader: Alvaro Simon, JR1


Role Institution Name
Collaborator OeRC Matteo Turilli


This workgroup deals with the issues around cloud brokering. With 10+ resource providers lined up to be federated into the EGI cloud testbed, users need effective ways to access cloud resources. The goal is for a user to have a choice between a unified, abstracted view of the cloud testbed as a whole and the opportunity to target specific providers for their needs. As a consequence, this workgroup is concerned with both brokers and OCCI clients.


  • Collect information about existing solutions for cloud brokering and client compatible with OCCI and CDMI;
  • Make an inventory of the available solutions;
  • Choose a broker and a client for the testbed;
  • If possible, join the development teams of the chosen solutions to the task force;
  • Coordinate with the TF Resorce Providers to deploy the chosen solutions;
  • Extend the demo testbed addressing a real-life use case.