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(Upload a VM image to the EGI FedCloud repository)
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= Upload a VM image to the EGI FedCloud repository =
The [https://appliance-repo.egi.eu/ EGI FedCloud appliance repository] is a common place to store the FedCloud images available to all the FedCloud members. You can optionally use your own storage for the VM image.
To be able to insert new images in the Appliance repository, you need to have an authorized user certificate, member of the fedloud.egi.eu voms organization. If you do not have an EGI certificate, you can request one following [http://www.egi.eu/how-to/get_a_certificate.html this guide]. If you gave a certificate but you are not a member of the fedloud.egi.eu VO, you can register here (https://perun.metacentrum.cz/perun-registrar-cert/?vo=fedcloud.egi.eu).
The steps to upload your image to the appliance repostory are:
1. Create the directory where you want to place your image:
curl -k --cert usercert.pem --key userkey.pem -X PUT https://appliance-repo.egi.eu/images/base/SL-5.7-x86_64-base/
curl -k --cert usercert.pem --key userkey.pem -X PUT https://appliance-repo.egi.eu/images/base/SL-5.7-x86_64-base/1.0/
2. Upload the image:
  curl -k --cert usercert.pem --key userkey.pem -T /path/to/image https://appliance-repo.egi.eu/images/base/SL-5.5-x86_64-base/1.0/SL-5.7-x86_64-base-1.0.ova

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