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Main Roadmap and Innovation Technology For Users For Resource Providers Media

Synnefo Resource Provider Deployment guide

Synnefo[1] is open source cloud software used to create massively scalable IaaS clouds. It uses Google Ganeti for the low level VM management and also talks to the outside world through the OpenStack APIs with extensions for advanced operations. Synnefo in conjunction with Google GANETI[2] is the software that empowers GRNETs ~Okeanos service[3] that currently supports 2100 users with 2941 VMs and 10119 Virtual cores. ~Okeanos is only partially integrated with the Federated cloud infrastructure using snf-occi [4], an implementation of the OCCI specification on top of synnefo’s API kamaki. Development for the rest of the modules required is currently foreseen for the near future but due to lack of manpower and parallel developments of the synnefo API there is no estimate for the date of delivery for each module.