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These two surveys aim at providing an inventory and a quick overview of software that is used to provision existing virtualised infrastructures, and what software is actually available that implements specific Cloud Capabilities exposing which standardised access interfaces.

These surveys are intended to be filled out by the participating Resource Centres and Technology Providers as indicated and as appropriate.

Resource Centre inventory

For the description of the Capabilities please refer to the Cloud Integration Profile document available at https://documents.egi.eu/document/435

To indicate the type of information we are after, a sample hypothetical Resource Centre is provided for guidanc. Note that wherever suitable and possible, make not of any standards that yo know are implemented by the software you deployed for Cloud infrastructure management.

Resource Centre committed test bed capacity Capability:
VM Management
Happy Cloud, Bratislava
  • 10 servers each with the following capacity
    • 2 x 8 core Intel
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 2 TB local physical disk space each
    • 4 x dual port 10 Gb copper Ethernet(Intel® 82598EB)
OpenNebula, OCCI based access interface, OVF based VM Image management and provisioning
FTP over TLS to external storage providers, no local data storage BDII, using LDAP query interface and STOMP based data feed (ApacheMQ) Nagios based with custom probes n/a Messaging infrastructure based on STOMP, also available as a service to our users

Technology Provider inventory

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